Transition as Transformation

Key Concept ~ Our lives are often marked by key transitions, periods of time when both things around us and within us begin to shift.  By understanding that growth requires a certain amount of space to take root, we can fully engage in these transitional phases of our lives and transform ourselves in ways we may not have thought possible!

A wise man said to me not too long ago that life is a continuous flow of transitions marked by brief periods of stability. Providing us with just enough time to prepare us for our next transitional journey.  His words have been ringing around my head (and my heart) for some time now. I can’t help but feel optimistic when I reflect on his wisdom.  What a fantastic, empowering perspective!  I came to realize that by embracing this viewpoint life’s little fears evaporate.  Fear of change, fear of loss, fear of displacement.  Like a river, we exist, yet the waters that flow are continuously changing.  We can stand on the banks of the Mississippi River view it as a fixed feature of the landscape, yet every molecule of water that is flowing by us is always on the move, immediately replaced by the next molecule coming along behind it.  The river is ever-present and eternal, yet in a continuous state of change.  In many ways, so are we.

Motivated by this perspective, I set about to create a workshop that would hold the space for people to experience this concept firsthand.  Not simply to hear about it, but to feel that continuous flow of wondrous possibilities that are forever refreshing us from within.  As many of you know, a core part of our business centers around creating and conducting Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning workshops.  Workshops conducted in mindful partnership with horses.  It is a powerful, reflective approach to personal and professional development I learned during my apprenticeship at The Epona Center studying under one of the true pioneers of the approach, Linda Kohanov.  We’ve gone on to create more than ten different programs, ranging from our pro bono, award-winning Warriors in Transition workshop to programs designed to cultivated leadership competenciesenhance team work, and support the emotional resiliency of nurses during these trying times.  We’re very pleased to announce our new, open enrollment workshop, Transition as Transformation!

The workshop is scheduled for February 25th and 26th and will be conducted in partnership with Barrett Farm in Orlando, Florida.  Barrett Farm is a world-class equestrian learning center located on forty-five idyllic acres of live oaks, whispering with Spanish Moss, swaying palms, and quiet nature trails.  A perfect place to take a break from the technological noise and pause, reflect, and reintroduce ourselves to the inner waters that continuously flow within us.

To learn more about the workshop, we’d like to invite you to visit  Please know, we limit attendance due to the high level of experiential learning each participant will encounter with the horses.  We look forward to meeting you in Orlando!

© 2012, Terry Murray.

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