Leadership Lessons from the World of Entrepreneurship ~ Interview on AM Ocala

Key Concept ~ I was invited back to speak with Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane on the radio program AM Ocala earlier this week.  Here’s a podcast of the interview.  

Larry and Robin are remarkably conscious and generous hosts.  They’ve been great advocates of my book and my philosophy towards creating a mindful approach for entrepreneurial success in the 21st century.

We explored the critical drivers of entrepreneurial success including:

~ Leading with positive intention.

~ Leading from a perspective of being of service; to your clients, prospects, and community.

~ The resonate value of embracing a mindful strategic planning process.

~ Value-based pricing strategies.

~ How one’s perspective towards their value proposition can redefine their entire market.

~  The critical nature of emotional and cognitive engagement in driving entrepreneurial success.

~ How we can define success on our own terms.

~ How the human spirit is the source of courage and resiliency with successful entrepreneurs.

~ The interplay between entrepreneurs and investors.

~ How we can all succeed in launching our own business…regardless of our age.

It’s a lively and fun discussion and I hope you’ll find some value in listening in!

You can listen to to interview by clicking the play button below:

© 2012, WOCA-AM Ocala.

© 2012, Terry Murray.


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2 responses to “Leadership Lessons from the World of Entrepreneurship ~ Interview on AM Ocala

  1. On our ioondr boys U10 soccer team we have two captains on the team and twelve leaders. Each player is encouraged to show leadership on and off the field. On the field our fullbacks are expected to attack the opposing team and provide support for the player who is attacking. Players are encouraged to communicate to one another – encouraging each other to get into proper position. Our forwards and midfielders are expected to do the same. If someone makes a mistake teammates are encouraged to remain positive, “That’s alright we will do it better next time”. I find that when the whole team is working together as above we are more successful.

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