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Performance Transformation, LLC™ To Expand Warriors in Transition Workshops to Missouri

In partnership with the community nonprofit, Cape Arrowhead, Inc., Performance Transformation announces the expansion of their award winning Equine Facilitated Learning program supporting Iraq and Afghanistan veterans’ and their family members’ transition back to civilian life.

Performance Transformation, LLC™ (Venice, FL) announced today they will be introducing their Warriors in Transition program in southeast Missouri.  The first two-day workshop will be conducted on April 28th & 29th, 2012 in partnership with Cape Arrowhead, Inc.  Cape Arrowhead is a 501(c)(3) community nonprofit dedicated to providing sustainable support for our returning veterans and their families.  The organization’s mission focuses on improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities and their families in Southeast Missouri.  The workshop is free for OEF/OIF combat veterans and their family members.

“We’re excited to bring this award-winning program to southeast Missouri,” commented Terry Murray, Managing Partner of Performance Transformation and author of “The Transformational Entrepreneur ~ Engaging The Mind, Heart, & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success”.  “Rural America has disproportionately borne the burden of combat for this country, and it’s up to the citizenry to step up and lend a hand.”

The Warriors in Transition workshop was developed in 2008 to assist both active duty military and recent veterans navigate the challenges of repeated deployment cycles and the eventual transition back to civilian life.  Terry Murray, a veteran himself, took the lead in creating the evidence-based program with input from Linda Kohanov, best selling author and founder of The EponaQuest Foundation.  Since that time, the workshop has been conducted and expanded in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii and Colorado.

“The workshop employs many of the same Equine Facilitated Learning exercises we use in our Transformational Leadership programs and Adaptive Team Building workshops,” adds Mr. Murray.  “The goal is to impart Emotional Intelligence competencies while conducting specifically designed, ground-based exercises with the horses.  Doing so cultivates creativity, adaptability, resiliency, and positive communications skills…all thing employers are looking for in the private sector.  Our veterans’ community is defined by high character.  These are our neighbors, sons, and daughters, who chose to serve their nation before partaking in our country’s opportunities.  The workshop is aimed at empowering our veterans and their family members to fully leverage the skills and attributes they developed during their service to give them a competitive advantage in this difficult jobs market, which they’ve so obviously earned.”

In 2010, while conducting the program in partnership with Quantum Leap Farm in Tampa, the workshop was formally commended by General David Petraeus.  In his commendation, General Petraeus, now Director of the CIA, stated, “These equine facilitated programs facilitate successful returns, reunions, and reintegration for service personnel and their families, and therefore, are very much appreciated…Programs and events such as this do much to build strong, resilient families…Well Done!”

Judy Clifford, Executive Director of Cape Arrowhead shared her excitement, “The interest we’ve received from our local veterans organizations and the VA has been nothing short of remarkable.  We’ve had to add two days of demonstrations, on April 25th and 26th, to accommodate the level of interest!”

“The civilization of humankind has followed the hoof worn path, “added Terry.  “Horses have relieved us of our burdens, plowed our fields, and helped us create a surplus of agricultural bounty that created the wealth that spawned the emergence of cities, writing, mathematics, art, crafts, and eventually the industrial revolution.  There’s a certain, beautiful irony in the fact that for centuries horses carried us into war; now they’re helping our warriors transition home, to enjoy a way of life they sacrificed so much to protect.”

“We’re delighted to bring the horse program here,” commented Poplar Bluff, Missouri attorney Janet Brown, founder of Cape Arrowhead in 1999.  “It aligns with our mission of ensuring everyone in the community has access to the quality of life, meaningful employment, recreational opportunities, and the proper housing that those of us who are more fortunate too often take for granted.” And there is strong local support of veterans, she pointed out. “We were encouraged by the success of a fishing camp retreat for veterans we organized last fall. People donated food and their time, turned out for the BBQ, and local bass tournament fishermen came with their amazing boats to take the veterans out onto Lake Wappapello simply to relax and rejuvenate.”

Judy Clifford, Executive Director of Cape Arrowhead, shared her excitement about the Warriors in Transition program, “The support we’ve received from our local veterans organizations and the VA is remarkable. We added two days of demonstrations, on April 25th and 26th, to accommodate the level of interest!”

“We’re honored to be involved with an organization as professional and genuinely intentioned as Cape Arrowhead,” said Murray. “We’re especially grateful for Ms. Brown. Her vision, leadership, and personal investment in this wonderful community organization is inspirational.  She does what so many just talk about.” Recognized as Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year in 2008 by the Missouri Bar Association, Brown has been investigating equine therapy since 2000, forming relationships with practitioners across the country.

For information about Cape Arrowhead or to register for the two-day Warriors in Transition Workshop on April 28-29 (free of charge for veterans, family members and caregivers, including room and board at Camp SEMO) please contact Judy Clifford at (573) 778-1210 or via email at  More information at

During his visit, Terry Murray will present “Horses & Healing: Equine-Assisted Therapy for Combat Veterans and Families” at 3:15 p.m. on April 23, at American Legion Post 153 on PP Hwy. This presentation was first made at the 18th Annual International Military and Combat Stress Conference, in Los Angeles, in April 2010. The presentation is free and open to the public.

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Terry Murray Discusses Equine Facilitated Leadership Development in Today’s Investor’s Business Daily

In an article entitled, “Look To The Military For Disciplined, Honorable And Can Do Leadership Techniques”, reporter Sonja Carberry interviews three entrepreneurial, military veterans that conduct leadership training based upon their core values.

Performance Transformation, LLC™ (Venice, FL) announced today that their founder and Managing Partner, Terry Murray, discusses Equine Facilitated Leadership Development in an article in today’s print edition of the Investor’s Business Daily.

“It was a fun interview,” commented Mr. Murray. “The opportunity to share our highly innovative, evidence-based approach to leadership development, in such a venerable business newspaper is both an honor and a privilege.  The IBD has long been my favorite daily paper.”

Terry is a veteran of Naval Intelligence and the co-creator of the pro bono “Warriors in Transition” program.  The workshop is designed to assist combat veterans, their family members and caregivers successfully navigate the deployment cycle and eventual return to civilian life.  Conducted as part of an integrative therapeutic approach for veterans and families grappling with PTSD and PTSD with Traumatic Brain Injury, Performance Transformation has introduced the program in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Colorado and is introducing the program to Missouri next week.  The program was formally commended by General David Petraeus in 2010.

“The leadership lessons imparted in me at a very young age by the Navy have shaped the trajectory of my career in very deep and meaningful ways,” added Terry.  “These core values, of being of service to others, of being accountable for your comrades’ lives and safety never leaves you.  The team cohesion in the military is remarkable, and it all begins with the individual leadership skills they begin teaching us on day one.”

Mr. Murray’s book, “The Transformational Entrepreneur ~ Engaging The Mind, Heart & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success”, was recently cited in the March, 2012 edition of the academic Journal For Economic Literature for its thought leadership and contribution to the field of management.

“The leadership skills the military imparts are exactly what corporations need in today’s highly complex, multi-cultural and multi-generational global workplace.  We’re not taught to be automatons, we’re taught to be highly adaptive to meet unprecedented challenges, and to do so as a highly cohesive team.  The core leadership competencies I learned serving our great nation set the foundation for a remarkable corporate and entrepreneurial career.  It’s wonderful to bring these lessons, which have been burnished over two decades of real-world business leadership experience to others, especially my fellow veterans.”

You can read the full article here:

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