Performance Transformation, LLC™ and The EquuSatori Center Announce New Partnership for Bay Area

For Immediate Release.

New Partnership Introduces Leadership Development and Knowledge Worker Team Building Programs to the San Francisco Bay Area. Their Innovative Approach Employs Relationship-Based, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning to Drive Performance.

Oct 15, 2012 –
The EquuSatori Center (Sebastopol, CA) and Performance Transformation, LLC™ (Venice, FL) announced the formation of a new partnership today to introduce their highly innovative professional development workshops to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Their experiential learning workshops are the first to integrate relationship-based, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning with peer-reviewed, scientific research designed to cultivate associate engagement, creative thinking, and adaptive behaviors in the workplace.

“In today’s Idea Economy, human beings and their creativity are the raw material for value creation in business,” commented Terry Murray, the author of the critically acclaimed,“The Transformational Entrepreneur ~ Engaging The Mind, Heart & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success” and Managing Partner of Performance Transformation.  “Companies seeking a sustainable pipeline of innovation must take an equally innovative approach to optimizing and aligning leadership, strategy and organizational culture.”

Mr. Murray has more than 25 years of leadership experience in both corporate and investor-driven startup Life Science companies.  “We’ve raised the bar in the field of corporate, developmental workshops to meet the needs of businesses in the 21st Century.  The change is long overdue.  The proof is in the tangible results we track and measure for our clients.”

“Now more than ever before in modern history, we’re realizing we do not live and work autonomously,”added Lisa Walters, Founder of EquuSatori and a pioneer in the field of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.  “We can no longer afford to think and act as if we do.  Even modern science is showing us that we are all intricately connected.”

The partnership will introduce professional development workshops in Transformational Leadership, Adaptive Team Building, Diversity and Inclusion and Igniting Creativity in Business to the San Francisco Bay Area.  The workshops integrate findings from more than 200 peer-reviewed, published research studies from the neurosciences, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Psychology, Core Mammalian Emotional Systems, Applied Behavioral Economics, Adult Learning Styles and Quantum Physics with a highly mindful, relationship-based approach to experiential learning with horses.

“Highly innovative companies, especially high technology and biotechnology companies, display a remarkable granularity of knowledge in their specific fields,” said Terry.  “In today’s fast paced, multi-cultural and multi-generational workplace we need to apply that same degree of granularity of knowledge to the human condition; of what connects, engages and motivates highly talented human beings to attain and sustain peak performance.”

As prey animals, horses are highly sensitive to their environment and have the innate ability to sense intention.  Predators mask their intention when stalking horses in the wild, moving with stealth in the high grass, upwind from their prey.  Human beings have a similar ability, yet we have lost much of our sensitivity and awareness due to the noisy world in which we live.  Horses naturally mirror human emotions.  The way we connect, engage and motivate a horse to co-create a goal reflects the same way we do so with coworkers, subordinates and customers.

Herds of horses in the wild have also evolved to be highly functional teams.  The leader in a predatory pack is the one who dominates; whereas the leader in a herd of horses is the one who watches, is watched and of service to the herd.

“Horses are masters in the wisdom of we,” stated Lisa.  “The gift they offer is the opportunity to awaken our senses and hone our self and social awareness, providing a unique and powerful personal, experiential learning opportunity around the dynamics of relationship.”

The EquuSatori Center is nestled amongst the hills and boutique vineyards surrounding the charming village of Sebastopol, CA.  The center features remarkable horses, a covered arena, classroom and gardens of lavender, flowers, berries and fruit trees.  The center is conveniently located minutes from the Santa Rosa airport and less than an hour and a half drive from San Francisco.

“It is an ideal destination learning environment,” said Lisa.

Terry went on to add, “Learning in such a beautiful and natural setting helps our clients quiet their minds and re-engage in their authentic self; sparking the source of creative insights, adaptability and engagement companies require for maintaining their competitive advantage.”

The experiential learning programs are customizable to the specific needs of the client and are anchored in measurable business objectives.  They include baseline assessments, post-training assessments and can be combined with Performance Transformation’s breakthrough Accretive Coaching Process℠, a dynamic approach to professional development that incorporates a strong educational component and grounded in more than two decades of real-world, leadership success.

To learn more about the 2013 workshop portfolio, please visit,, or contact Performance Transformation directly at (941) 485-7428.  To explore The EquuSatori Center please visit

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