About Our Company ~ 

Performance Transformation, LLC™ provides custom strategic and professional development solutions delivering creative, adaptive advantage for our clients. Our approach aligns and optimizes leadership, strategy, and organizational culture, igniting breakthrough performance.  In the 21st century, the source of value creation emerges through the efficient commercialization of innovative intellectual property. Commercially viable intellectual property emerges through the work of cohesive, diverse teams of highly engaged, creative and adaptive human beings. Yet, for many firms, management principles are still deeply rooted in the Industrial Age, when value was created by the exploitation of abundant, cheap raw materials, specialized labor and the application of capital.

Through our evidence-based approach to strategic and professional development, Performance Transformation guides our clients through an evolutionary process designed to cultivate authentic, transformational leadership, strategically leverage human creativity, and create an inclusive culture that resonates with their associates, customers, and community.  Our comprehensive approach integrates the competencies of Emotional Intelligence with the constructs of Applied Behavioral Economics and draws upon peer-reviewed, published research into the competitive affect of Core Mammalian Emotional Systems, Neurocardiology, Neurophysiology, Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory and Performance Psychology in the workplace.

Testimonials ~

“You are really a dynamo! The Leadership Training you conducted in Hawaii was a very profound experience that created a breakthrough in my business and personal life. As a result, a whole new level of creativity and productivity entered my life. I was able to find the precious time and energy necessary to move ahead and launch The Hollywood Hawaii Media Alliance – a dream job opportunity. This would not have occurred without your leadership guidance and in depth workshop content which opened my heart and mind to new possibilities. I feel you have touched my life on a very deep level and am very grateful for you and the excellent work you do.”
~ Monica Roberts, President, MediaStar Hawaii

“These equine assisted programs facilitate successful returns, reunions, and reintegration for service personnel and their families…Programs and events such as this do much to build strong, resilient families and are much appreciated.”
~ General David Petraeus, commenting on the Warriors in Transition Workshop

“Terry, I can relate to the multisensory approach to learning as I experienced it in the workshop with you and the horses. It provides a profound internalization of lessons and awareness. Thank you for doing this work on behalf of anyone, anywhere. I recommend it to those searching for insights, relationships, community and patterns within one’s world. It helped me with getting out of my own way, opening and welcoming new information and the safety to truly allow and experience it.”
~ Amy Kelsall, Ph.D.,  Academic Director, Organizational and Professional Communication and Strategic Human Resource Management Programs, University of Denver

“Terry’s program helped me create a space for a conversation to occur which helped me determine what I truly value in my life. The experience is allowing me to engage my greatest passions and put my creative strengths into action. Before this program, I was always talking about what I wanted to do. Now I’m actually doing it.”
~ Scott M., Entrepreneur.

“Throughout our 8 month Coaching and Business Consulting relationship, working with Terry inspired me to keep striving in spite of ongoing challenges during the start up of my Non Profit corporation. We developed a Strategic Plan that keeps me focused, maximizes my time and energy and builds the cultural foundation necessary to keep our Mission alive and at the heart of everything we do. Terry’s insight sets him apart from everyone else in his field and true to his aim, transforms performance on every level of human endeavor.”
~ Patricia Ulloa Curcio, Managing Director, Palmarie Community Transformation Alliance

“Terry’s integrity and attention to ethical standards of practice is evident in all areas of his commitments and work; The Epona Approach™, Epona Quest Foundation and with his own business, Performance Transformation LLC™. Terry Murray’s inspired Business and Leadership Training programmes are rich in content. They affirm and elicit the very best of an individuals valuable contributions and abilities, thereby creating a cycle of consistently successful outcomes for both employees and employers. I worked with Terry as a group facilitator, over a year long training programme and observed his dedication and natural enthusiasm for team work and his flare for achieving successful outcomes – what ever the odds. His inclusive beliefs in the values of the Epona Approach methodology and the time he dedicates to co-initiating projects such as The Epona Quest Foundation and Warriors in Transition project are testament to the fact that he is an outstanding person – or a ‘jolly good egg’ as we might say here in England!”
~ Sun Tui, Director, International Foundation Equine Assisted Learning™

Our Services ~

Bullet Executive Coaching – Specifically for senior management, our Executive Coaching service imparts a shift in perspective from an independent vantage point, helping executives leverage and develop their continuum of skills, igniting inspirational leadership capable of driving adaptive innovation and creativity throughout the organization.

Bullet Team Coaching – Designed for teams of knowledge workers to fully engage and leverage their cumulative talents, expertise, and experience in order to drive innovation and performance in highly competitive markets.

Bullet Sales Coaching – Our Sales Coaching services have evolved over more than two decades of sales leadership, training, and coaching experience.  Ideally suited as an augment to sales training for new sales organizations, existing sales teams facing shifts in decision makers and buying influences, or sales organizations bringing disruptive technologies to market.

Bullet Leadership Development – Our program and approach for developing high potentials within the organization.  Our process aligns development with the needs of the business while tailoring it to the best-fit learning styles of the individual.  Our team employs custom Professional Development Plans to spark a quick start and sustain development long after the engagement is concluded.

Bullet Succession Planning – The emerging shift in professional demographics (i.e. retiring Baby-Boomers) is driving the need for a more comprehensive and long-term approach to Succession Planning.  Often overlooked until it becomes a pressing concern, reflective, aligned Succession Planning is key to sustaining a dynamic competitive advantage over the long haul.  Our approach closely aligns planning with anticipated needs, balances short and long-term strategy, and provides an independent, seasoned perspective to this critical function.

Bullet Strategic Planning & Facilitation – Strategic Planning is a core competency of Performance Transformation.  Our team has created more than sixty Strategic Plans over the past fifteen years resulting in more than $1 billion in market valuation growth.  With extensive experience in large, mid-size, and start-up companies, our services can provide turn-key planning solutions or teach and coach your team through the Strategic Planning process.

Bullet Strategic Alignment & Calibration – Alignment and Calibration services are specifically aimed at organizations experiencing major shifts in competitive pressures, buying criteria, or capabilities.  Ideally suited for companies navigating a strategic acquisition or merger, Performance Transformation can provide an independent voice and perspective to help facilitate the accretive value growth of the organization.

About Our Founder ~

Terry Murray is an author, speaker, professional coach, and business executive with more than twenty years of progressive experience in real-world strategic development, leadership, and business execution.  His leadership in strategic development and execution for Fortune 1000 and start-up companies has directly contributed more than $1 billion in market capitalization growth throughout his career.

In 2008, dissatisfied with his formal ICF coach training, Terry began his work on an innovative, formal coaching process capable of delivering rapid, sustainable change in highly dynamic environments.  The results were twofold; The Accretive Coaching Process™  was created along with the publication of his first book, “The Transformational Entrepreneur ~ Engaging The Mind, Heart, And Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success” (available at Amazon).  Terry’s synergistic and pro-active approach to Accretive Coaching and professional development delivers a comprehensive methodology for growth and transformation; one of mind, body, and spirit.

Terry is a frequent guest in the media, speaking and writing about his philosophy and approach to aligning leadership, strategy, and organizational culture for breakthrough, sustainable success in today’s volatile economic climate.  You’re welcome to listen and read a few examples of Terry’s appearances in the media below:

Article from the Investors Business Daily (website reprint).

Article published on AOL Jobs.

Interview with Jim Blasingame on nationally syndicated The Small Business Advocate Show® (podcast posted on Forbes).

Interview on the syndicated Conscious Talk Radio Network.

Interview with Mike Stein on KWAM 990 Memphis (podcast replay below):

Interview with Paul Roberts on 1550 Today, Boston (podcast replay below):  

Interview with Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane on AM Ocala (podcast replay below):  

Interview with Mary Jane Popp, KAHI Sacramento (podcast replay below):  

Terry Murray speaking at the 2011 American Society for Training and Development Conference, Orlando.

Throughout his career, Terry has enjoyed professional and executive engagements with U.S. Naval Intelligence, Baxter Healthcare, Proctor & Gamble (J.T.Baker Division), STERIS Corporation, SPX Corporation, and SalesForce4Hire, LLC, as well as a series of successful start-ups in the medical device and life science sectors.

Terry is a graduate of the Whittemore School of Business at U.N.H., an Approved Epona Instructor, and an ICF trained coach.  Terry resides with his wife, Sarah, along the Gulf Coast in Venice, FL.

For more information, please drop us an email, call us at (941) 485-7428

© 2012, Performance Transformation, LLC.

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