Accretive Coaching℠

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Igniting and Sustaining Transformational Performance

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Grounded by more than twenty years of real-world, executive experience, our approach to delivering breakthrough performance is guided by our proprietary Accretive Coaching Process℠.  The term accretive means the growing together of separate parts into a single whole of greater value.  This scalable approach accelerates individual professional development, effective teamwork, and extends to the cumulative performance of entire organizations.

The Accretive Coaching Process is the result of four years of research, development, experimentation, and pilot testing.  Unlike traditional, single-dimensional coaching, our evidence-based process integrates the competencies of Emotional Intelligence, the constructs of Applied Behavioral Economics, elements of performance psychology, and recent discoveries in neurophysiology and quantum physics with the modalities of the Learning Style Inventory (Experiential Learning, Reflective Learning, Modeling and Correlation, and Trial and Error).  This multi-dimensional, formal process is executed within a well defined framework of the needs of the business and is aligned to track with key performance improvement metrics.

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Building for Dynamic Competitive Advantage

The Accretive Coaching Process is a scalable approach for accelerating dynamic competitive advantage in rapidly changing times.  Evolutionary competitive advantage capable of quickly adapting to shifting landscapes, ideally poised and positioned to capture emerging opportunities.  Starting with the individual, the process integrates scientifically proven principles with pragmatic practices; building relationship skills, imparting knowledge, and heightening self and social awareness.  Scaling the approach empowers groups of knowledge workers to coalesce into highly creative, adaptive, cohesive teams.  Accretive Coaching creates a powerful foundation enabling the alignment of leadership, strategy, and culture to fully engage and leverage the human talent throughout the organization.

For more information, please drop us an email or call us at (941) 485-7428.

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