Performance Transformation’s Leadership Development Programs are based on more than three years of research into scientifically proven, evidence-based processes and techniques tempered by twenty-five years of real-world leadership experience.  Our proven approach can be customized to fit the busy schedules and distinct needs of our clients and can be delivered throughout the United States and Europe.

Assessment and Baseline

First, we meet with our clients to discuss their objectives and how best to align and deliver the Transformational Leadership Program to fit their competitive requirements.  All of our development programs are conducted within the context of our clients’ strategic direction, culture, and core processes to ensure the programs optimize tangible business results.  Baselines and improvement metrics are established to measure progress.

Establishing the Foundation

The constructs of Emotional Intelligence (EI) are introduced, and more importantly, a set of emotional resiliency tools are imparted to the clients.  These include, but are not limited to, the Emotional Message Chart, which helps leaders recognize and cognitively discern their emotional landscape.  The neuroscience behind EI is explored as well, establishing the scientific basis for Emotional Intelligence, how we can rewire our brains, tap into our embodied wisdom, and use our Emotional Intelligence to improve performance, manage stress, and motivate associates and customers.

Experiential Lessons in Authentic Leadership

Interwoven into the didactic lessons are a series of experiential learning exercises which enable the participants to live the lessons.  Experiential learning is lifelong learning, meaning the lessons are engrained in the participants and not easily forgotten.  Performance Transformation is expert in the use of ground-based exercises with horses that deliver powerful leadership experiences.

It is no coincidence the greatest leaders throughout history were phenomenal horse people.  George Washington was acknowledged as the finest horse trainer in the colonies.  Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Teddy Roosevelt, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, and even Ronald Reagan (The Great Communicator) were all as highly skilled with horses as they were with people.

During the structured exercises with the horses, leadership and interpersonal relationship metaphors inevitably arise.  Because of the unusual nature of the experiences, leaders are often caught off guard, allowing themselves to witness their own fall-back behaviors, communication skills, intention, and leadership style without feeling threatened, judged, or thrust under the microscope.

Our pro bono program for returning combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, called Warriors In Transition, has been acknowledged and employed by the United States military and commended by General David Petraeus, Commander, U.S. Central Command (conducted in partnership with Quantum Leap Farm).

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Exploring Human Motivation and Economic Decision Making

Building upon the foundation, we go on to explore the concepts and leadership applications of Core Emotional Systems (based upon the research of Dr. Jaak Panksepp at Washington State University)  and Applied Behavioral Economics.  This results in delivering an evidence-based perspective into human behavior, motivation, perception, and economic decision making that, when applied, optimizes profitability and revenue growth in highly dynamic markets.

Application and Reinforcement in the Real World

Leadership development is a process that happens over time.  Through our proprietary Accretive Coaching Process™ we work with our clients to apply lessons learned within the context of their working environment, ensuring lasting results.

For more information, please drop us an email, call us at (941) 485-7428.

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