Connecting, Engaging, and Motivating Prospects To Become Customers

Igniting Breakthrough Sales is an evidence-based, experiential workshop designed to build the Emotional Intelligence competencies proven to fully engage prospects and accelerate sales.  The traditional educational path for sales professionals, both formal and informal, focuses on the technical skills of how to close the deal.  While these skills are valuable, research indicates it is the soft skills that differentiate exceptional sales from mediocre performance.  Recent studies prove how we connect with and engage our prospects and customers has a predominant effect on our performance and sales success.  It turns out how prospects and customers feel about the purchase may influence their decision making process more than what they may think about the purchase.  This workshop also introduces the concepts of Behavioral Economics and how to apply them to improve the sales professional’s positioning, value proposition, and effective communication with targeted sales prospects.

The Next Productivity Breakthrough – Customer Engagement

Performance Transformation delivers custom sales training programs that not only align with our client’s strategy, processes, and culture, but are fully integrated with organizational objectives.  By combining scientifically-based research with twenty plus years of real-world sales leadership experience, Performance Transformation imparts a set of new skills framed by a fresh perspective towards fully engaging prospects and customers.  The experiential learning exercises enable sales professionals to experience non-verbal communication, the establishment of interactive connection, the recognition of personal boundaries, and how, through the building of self-mastery skills, these attributes empower the selling process.  The training also builds emotional resiliency, allowing sales people to swiftly move through challenges while maintaining a positive outlook and continuously building momentum in their territory.

For more information, please drop us an email, call us at (941) 485-7428.

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