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Performance Transformation, LLC™ Launches Business Acumen Coaching For HR Professionals


Talent Management has fast become the strategic differentiator in today’s global business environment. Human creativity and collaboration are now the primary drivers of value creation placing HR at the epicenter of cultivating competitive advantage.

VENICE, Fla. — Peformance Transformation, LLC™ announced today the launch of their latest professional development service, Business Acumen Coaching for HR Professionals. The educationally-based approach is designed to cultivate and enhance Human Resources professionals’ competencies to align with the demands and opportunities of the New Economy.

“Companies can no longer afford to view HR as a cost center,” commented Terry Murray, founder and Managing Partner of Performance Transformation. “The fact is, no other function within the business organization has changed so dramatically, and in such a short period of time, as the Human Resources department. Competencies must expand accordingly and in ways that are non-traditional from the historical role HR has played in business.”

The evolutionary development program focuses on instilling and enhancing skill sets that support strategic thinking and processes, talent management, and change management as well as incorporating the use of Big Data and predictive analytics to optimize and align talent development with business strategy. The approach also imparts Emotional Intelligence competencies that contribute to positive relationship management, leadership and communication skills. While highly innovative, the approach is not theoretical; it is grounded in tangible business objectives that fall within the perview of the HR professional. Doing so delivers a clear return on investment for the program.

“The source of value creation has shifted,” added Mr. Murray. “All companies have access to similar natural resources, economies of scale, information technology and quality processes. What they don’t all have access to is talent. How that talent is secured and managed will be the strategic differentiator going forward. HR is now at the epicenter of this challenge.  The transactional and risk management activities the HR function has been charged with over the past thirty years have provided little opportunity for these professionals to prepare for this new frontier. Our approach addresses this gap.”

Recent studies indicate chief executives and corporate officers are looking for more from the HR function. A major study published in the June edition of the Harvard Business Review® revealed corporate boards believe their companies are scoring an “F” in talent management.  Another study published in July, by the magazine The Economist®, revealed similar concerns of CEOs. Their findings revealed only a bare majority of chief executives believe their head of HR is a key player in strategic planning, yet 70% of them wanted to see their HR executives taking a more active role. Unfortunately, a credibility perception still lingers throughout many leadership teams.

“There’s a trust gap around the strategic planning table,” said Terry. “The research indicates that while a majority of chief executives are satisfied with their HR leader’s management of the HR function, most don’t believe they’re achieving a similar level of performance in the more strategic areas of succession planning or developing key talent. Significant concerns also arise surrounding perceptions of the alignment of talent management with business strategy.”

“Part of the problem is being exacerbated by talent management software companies. They all claim to have the magic bullet solution, but automating fragmented processes is not the answer. A shift in perspective must first take place followed on with deeper insights into the mechanisms of value creation. Without these two steps preceding automation, a lot of money and worse, a lot of time, time that can’t be recouped, will be wasted.”

Performance Transformation is unique in that the company is perhaps the only leadership and strategic development firm that integrates discoveries from the neurosciences with a predictive analytics platform. The combination creates a pipeline for a continuously improving flow of business intelligence to emerge, leveraging Big Data for the optimization of human capital and talent management.

“We’re very excited to help usher in this new era for HR.” added Terry. “Actually using advanced analytics and Big Data as part of the delivery process in the coaching immediately acclimates the professional with the tools they’ll need to master going forward.”

For more information, please visit Performance Transformation’s website or call (941) 485-7428.

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