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Experts Discuss the Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Business and Education on The Gail Shane Show

I recently had the privilege of co-hosting The Gail Shane Show on WSRQ – Sarasota with, of course, Gail Shane.  The subject of the program explored the critical role Emotional Intelligence competencies (Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, Relationship Management skills and Empathy) have on creating and sustaining competitive advantage in business, education, and in our own personal lives.  We were fortunate to have on our panel neurosurgeon Dr. Ravi Rao, the author of “Emotional Business: Inspiring Human Connectedness To Grow Earnings And The Economy, Becky Canesse, CEO of Just For Girls, and Dr. Jennifer Rosenboom, the Principal of the Just For Girls Academy.

I’ve edited the podcast replay into three segments, which you can listen to by clicking the audio players below:

Segment One ~ Dr. Ravi Rao and Terry Murray discuss the neurology of human emotions, leveraging neuroscience to develop engaging and inspirational leaders, and how organizational  mastery of our emotional landscape contributes to competitive advantage, engagement, productivity and business performance (13 minutes).

Segment Two ~ Becky Cannesse and Dr. Jennifer Rosenboom discuss how they’re educating the whole child by cultivating empathy, compassion, resiliency, and Emotional Intelligence skills in young girls and how Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning, conducted by Performance Transformation, LLC™, has contributed to the girls’ development (8 minutes).

Segment Three ~ Ravi, Terry, Gail, Becky and Jennifer discuss methods for teaching emotional awareness skills, how Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning accelerates and supports the emergence of Emotional Intelligence competencies, and strategies for cultivating a positive, emotional landscape in organizations, businesses, and families (13 minutes).

Thanks again to Gail Shane, WSRQ – Sarasota, Sarasota Manatee Association for Riding Therapy (SMART), our collaborator and host for Equine programs, and Neal Communities, the sponsor, for having us on the air!

© 2013, Terry Murray, The Gail Shane Show.

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Leadership 2030 ~ A Vision for Mindful Leadership Development in Young Girls

The Just For Girls Academy, the Sarasota Manatee Association for Riding Therapy and Performance Transformation, LLC™ collaborate to create the first Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning program in the United States to be adopted as part of a charter school’s core curriculum.

466805_461139157257072_1200375813_oLast Friday, I had the privilege to appear on Patricia Raskin’s Positive Business radio program.  Co-hosts Patricia and MariAnn Snow inquired about our new, collaborative educational development program, SMART Girls.  During the first segment of the show, we explored the emotional, psychological and behavioral benefits a relationship-based approach to Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning can deliver for young girls.

Yesterday, with the seamless support and leadership of Gail Clifton, Sam Toomey and the remarkable, heart-centered volunteers at SMART, (Bradenton, FL), we conducted our second workshop with the young ladies from the Just For Girls Academy.  Dr. Jennifer Rosenboom, the principal of the academy, members of their teaching staff and Becky Canesse, the CEO of Just For Girls, were also present, providing their support, guidance, and leadership  for the girls experiencing yesterday’s workshop.

Shortly after watching a girl in second grade set a soft and respectful boundary with Jazz, a quiet paint mare at SMART, I started thinking about the world these girls will be inheriting.  In 2030, these girls will be matriculating out of school and finding their places in the world.  When I try to look forward seventeen years, I struggle to even begin to imagine what the pace of change, constraints on resources, technological advancements, and hopefully a few social advancements will have done to shape their lives.

When I look back seventeen years, to 1996, I see a much different world.  Remember when you’d lose the digital signal on your StarTac and the battery would drain in a matter of minutes running on analog?  Remember the screech of modems connecting over a phone line?  Remember Netscape?  Daniel Goleman’s book, “Emotional Intelligence” was a best seller alongside “The Dilbert Principle”.  Gas cost $1.23 a gallon and unemployment was at 5.6%.  So looking forward, to 2030, it is difficult to visualize what things will look like, but I sense ambiguity and rapid change are unlikely to dissipate.

This is why we are so excited about the work our unique collaboration (of public/private, nonprofit/for profit organizations) is doing to educate and develop what Ms. Canesse and Dr. Rosenboom refer to as educating the whole girl.  Each and every girl is developing mindful leadership competencies based in compassion, authentic empathy and the connection and presence that emerges when one is being of service to others.  The challenges these young women are likely to face demands nothing else.  Mindful adaptability and being secure in one’s intrinsic values will greatly serve these young people as they step out into the world of 2030.

It is the same world we need to consider when we train our next generation of business leaders as well.  In the second segment of the program, we discuss the neurophysiological dynamics of our approach to leadership development and the positive impact this has in today’s multi-cultural, multi-generational, rapidly changing, global workplace.  We discuss how the introduction of novel, experiential learning, supported by an educationally-based approach to coaching, cultivates organizational fitness and mindful leadership capable of driving engagement, creativity and innovation through the fog of an ambiguous landscape.

You’re welcome to listen in to the podcast below:

© 2012, Patricia Raskin.

© 2012, Terry Murray.

Photograph courtesy of SMART.


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Be the Leader You Wish to See

We’re all familiar with Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see”, but this can also apply to leadership.  Transformational leaders lead from a perspective of service to those they lead and extends to being of service to the community.  Here’s an example of how our firm continuously invests in walking our talk.

Yesterday, we had the privilege of spending the morning with teachers and administrators from the nonprofit Just For Girls Academy.  The new charter school will serve at-risk, young girls from the Sarasota/Manatee area of Southwest Florida.  The school, led by CEO Becky Canesse and Principal Dr. Jennifer Rosenboom, is incorporating Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning into their core curriculum.  The ongoing program will be conducted at SMART (the Sarasota Manatee Association for Riding Therapy, a community nonprofit that has been serving children with developmental disabilities for twenty-five years.  The objective of the program is to cultivate empathy and emotional intelligence skills as part of what Becky Canesse refers to as, “Teaching the whole child”.

Research clearly demonstrates, a person’s level of emotional intelligence contributes to 80% of our success in life, with the remaining 20% driven by our cognitive abilities.  Working with the horses elevates the children’s self-awareness, self regulation, social awareness and relationship management skills as well as cultivating empathy and respect for other sentient beings.  By focusing on cultivating empathy, the school hopes to sidestep many of the bullying issues that have become so prevalent in our society.

What we find so exciting is we’re creating very innovative for profit/nonprofit partnerships that will contribute to the strength of the community and quality of life for at-risk girls for years to come.  In fact, the work actually resonates generationally, helping to open up new horizons that disadvantaged young people may have never seen otherwise.

If you’d like to learn more about yesterday’s events you’re welcome to read the full story about our event in today’s Bradenton Herald.  I also encourage you to visit and generously support the Just For Girls Academy and SMART organizations.  Both nonprofits do incredible work for our most vulnerable citizens.

© 2012, Terry Murray.


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