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Performance Transformation, LLC™ and Talent Sprocket™, LLC Announce Formation Of New Partnership

Innovative leadership, strategy, and organizational development company to integrate Talent Sprocket’s machine learning and predictive analytics technology into its approach to deliver business intelligence and clear ROI on leadership development.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun. 19, 2013 – VENICE, Fla. — Performance Transformation, LLC™ (Venice, FL) and Talent Sprocket™, LLC (St. Petersburg, FL), announced today the formation of a collaborative partnership to jointly market their technology and services.  Talent Sprocket is the first true machine learning platform designed to deliver Human Talent Analytics™.  Performance Transformation provides custom leadership development, collaboration, and innovation acceleration programs for knowledge worker-based companies and institutions.

“We’re very excited to be working with Talent Sprocket to strategically enhance our portfolio of services,” said Terry Murray, founder and Managing Partner of Performance Transformation.  “We’re the first leadership development company that brings with us a technology that allows our clients to accurately measure their ROI on developmental investments.  This level of accountability is truly revolutionary in our market space.”

The Talent Sprocket platform employs machine learning, a sophisticated algorithm that continuously teaches itself to recognize subtle patterns in complex data sets too large for human beings to accurately evaluate.  Applying this technology to leadership development, succession planning, recruiting, and collaborative team formation provides business intelligence and insights that, heretofore, were unavailable to most enterprises.

“Terry’s passion and leadership have laid the path for Performance Transformation to become one of our industries most thoughtful and innovative talent management companies,“ commented Tony Duda, CEO of Talent Sprocket.  “Our belief is that by bringing our diverse but equally innovative cultures together, in a collaborative way, we will achieve some truly exciting and breakthrough solutions, not only for our customers but for the entire talent management industry.”

Founded in 2008, Performance Transformation has pioneered advanced, professional development processes through the integration of more than a dozen, peer-reviewed, scientific disciplines ranging from the neurosciences to applied behavioral economics, emotional intelligence and quantum physics.

“The growing complexity of today’s business environment demands innovative solutions for talent development, retention and collaboration,” added Terry.  “It is through the integration of seemingly disparate disciplines and creative learning modalities that truly adaptive thinking emerges.  Most talent management software on the market today automates yesterday’s processes.  Talent Sprocket delivers predictive analytics, enabling business leaders to look over the horizon in anticipation of their human capital needs.  This represents a distinct, competitive advantage that will only increase in strategic value over time.”

Progressive, high tech companies like Google®, IDEO® and Apple® are already leveraging their sophisticated, internal core competencies to retool HR around people analytics.  The new partnership between Talent Sprocket and Performance Transformation integrates advanced technology and thought leadership to make this approach available to businesses and institutions that, until now, couldn’t access this level of business intelligence.

“Just like the internet leveled the playing field for access to strategic market intelligence, this partnership levels the playing field when it comes to talent intelligence.  Any company, no matter their size, can now operate with the same level of insight as Google or Apple.  It’s truly a new day!”

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