Adaptive Team Building

Team effectiveness can be traced to one common denominator; the Emotional Intelligence of its members.  Other elements are critical to effective teamwork, but if we take the time to trace each of them to the source we’ll find that they are all rooted in the competencies of Emotional Intelligence.  Authentic communication, leadership, a shared vision, trust, and positive, creative culture all emerge through the development of Emotional Intelligence in the organization.  Fortunately,  Emotional Intelligence is a skill that can be learned and developed throughout our lifetimes.

We’re not speaking about personality types.  In our extensive experience, the most creative, innovative teams we’ve encountered have been comprised of eclectic, if not at times eccentric, personalities.  “Type-casting” personalities leads to self-limiting thought processes.  It provides a fall-back position where people can find excuses for not working well together.  Our approach to building highly adaptive teams moves past the conditioned behaviors and perceptions that can erode effective teamwork and keep people locked in the status-quo.

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There is a marked differences between our approach and traditional team building workshops.  They’ll be no zip lines or trust falls.  No ropes courses or competitive games.  The fact is, effective, adaptive teamwork begins with its individual members.  How we perceive, interact, and choose to support our teammates begins with how we perceive, interact, and choose to support our selves.  Our comprehensive, evidence-based approach goes beyond symptomatic behavior to the causal competencies and perspectives that empower cooperation, positive communication, and individual leadership.  By building competencies on an individual (or component level, if you will) followed by shared experiential learning exercises results in the sum truly exceeding the value of its parts.

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